Network Building Canvas

Are you part of a peer network or network of practice, or do you aspire to set one up?

Do you recognise the positive social impact you can have when individuals with practice-related goals work together? When they share, learn and grow together?

Have you faced challenges of getting hundreds or thousands of individuals to contribute, share and lead in a distributed network setting?

Do you understand the potential of peer networks or online communities, but don’t know how to scale and invigorate them?

If so, The Network Building Canvas is for you. It’s a practical guide for setting up a successful peer network or getting an existing one to flourish. It has been tested with network and community managers and membership-based organisations and start-ups. And it can be used at any time to explore network building ideas.

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The canvas is split into sections to help you explore key network building concepts. These include…

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Start designing your peer network for social change using our canvas and prompt cards