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In order to run effective campaigns, you need to know your relationship to power and how it is operating.

Power mapping is a method which visualises how power is exercised across the whole playing field, allowing you to target key players and forward plan tactics for maximum impact. Determine who is anchoring decision-makers against you, how you can weaken this hold to sustain the change you are working to achieve.

You’ll also drill down on how to define your cause to win your battle. Simplify your core agenda and set the terms of the fight. After all, those who control the frame also control the conversation. Learn to start asking the right questions to start making change.

Five things you’ll come away with:
1) A way to visualise where your cause sits in an ecosystem of power, how the key players relate and who you need to engage to further your agenda.
2) A tool to guide your decisions over which sub-issues within your campaign to focus on.
3) A route map of tactical options and how they might play out.
4) A killer frame. We’ll drill down on how to define your cause to win your battle.
5) A technique you can use again and again to status check, track your impact and plot your moves towards campaign victory.

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Places are limited to up to two people per organisation. Please get in touch if you require on-site training for larger groups of people.

Meet the trainer

Betsy DillnerBetsy Dillner: Betsy has over 10 years of campaigning, fundraising and social change experience. She specialises in developing community leadership and understanding, developing, and ultimately challenging systems of power for social change. She has directed successful user-led campaigns from small charities across the Atlantic that have resulted in bans on letting fees for tenants, the preservation of affordable housing and remuneration for victims of the foreclosure crisis. She won 2017 Campaigner of the Year from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation. She is an avid podcast listener and hiker and is a trustee of Generation Rent.

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