Easy, transparent, collaborative money management for groups.

Run by The Social Change Nest CIC.

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Money management for community-led groups and grassroot movements

Designed with social movements, grassroot organisations, and community groups in mind.

With our fiscal hosting service you’ll be able to manage, receive incoming funds and pay sums out, all in one place.

We provide two types of fiscal hosting:

Digital fiscal hosting

This is our most popular option and is ideal if you’re looking for a fast way to get set up, receive funds, pay out money and transparently manage your finances.

Private fiscal hosting

This option is ideal for larger groups and movement that would like more governance support, as well as a means of employing and paying staff.

Not sure which you need? Get in touch to discuss the needs of your group.

In a few quick, easy steps, we got the ability to fundraise and pay expenses – it has made all the difference… I don’t know how we would have kept on going without it.
Felix, Oxford Mutual Aid

Why you’ll love it!

  • Safely and transparently manage your groups incomings and outgoings
  • Increase your eligibility to receive donations or grants from funders
  • Easily collect one off or recurring donations
  • Enable volunteers to submit expenses and get reimbursed
  • Get your account live within days not weeks or months
  • Join a community of groups and movements already using Accountable

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