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Money management for community-led groups and grassroot movements

Designed with social movements, grassroot organisations, and community groups in mind.

We provide two types of fiscal hosting:

Digital fiscal hosting

This is our most popular option and is ideal if you’re looking for a fast way to get set up, receive funds, pay out money and transparently manage your finances.

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Private fiscal hosting

This option is ideal for larger groups and movements that would like more governance support, as well as a means of employing and paying staff.

Not sure which you need? Get in touch to discuss the needs of your group, or book a 1-1 intro call to learn more.

In a few quick, easy steps, we got the ability to fundraise and pay expenses – it has made all the difference… I don’t know how we would have kept on going without it.
Felix, Oxford Mutual Aid

Top 5 reasons groups love Accountable

It opens funding opportunities

We meet the compliance and accountability requirements from funders, enabling you to apply and access funding that wouldn’t normally be available to unincorporated groups.

We take on the admin burden and process all transactions on your behalf

This means you can stay totally focused on your good work and no more time is wasted on making bank transfers, paying invoices, or reimbursing people.

You can go digital and transparent

The Open Collective makes it easy to keep transparent financial records and stay accountable to your group, funders and community. This is one of the ways we provide fiscal hosting.

It’s collaborative

No more relying on one person to deal with finances. Make your decisions collaboratively, have as many admins as you wish and rotate through responsibilities.

We help you grow

We support grassroots movements and networks to grow. Through Accountable, you’ll have access to tailored resources and a network of over 300 groups.

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Financially speaking, the Social Change Agency’s service has enabled everything we have done. It’s access to a transparent and open budget, which has allowed us our whole process of doing emergency food shops in the community. It means that we can step in and help while the council is busy sorting out individual cases
Amy Daniels, Canonbury Mutual Aid
We are ever so grateful to you for being such a wonderful support over the last 2 years. Your support enabled us to help the whole of our town of Exmouth during the pandemic, and we had almost 400 volunteers at its peak! And it has been so amazing (and an eye opener for many) to be able to show off our transparent accounting :). I personally intend to request further details from you on how I may set up my other community ventures. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts
Exmouth Mutual Aid

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