Movement building

We build people-powered movements that change the world.

Our movement building practice draws on several disciplines, including:

  • Organisational strategy, positioning and purpose
  • Governance structures and organisational psychology
  • Community organising and facilitation
  • Campaigning, communications and behaviour change
  • Network management
  • Market research and impact evaluation

Our work

Young Trustees Movement

We’re catalysing the Young Trustees Movement to help diversify the charity sector.

UKSCN Climate Strikers

We’re helping the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) and its climate strikers establish their back office infrastructure, enabling their members to create impact while we manage their systems.

Hospice UK

We’ve helped Hospice UK start their transition from membership charity to a national movement.

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Losing Control

We co-convene the Losing Control peer network, which explores new, inclusive and participatory management and facilitation practices, all of which hold the key to building large-scale, progressive movements.

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We helped Shelter rethink their role as a convenor of the UK’s housing movement.

Active Gloucestershire

We’re helping Active Gloucestershire build a movement for physical activity.

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Our approach

Our movement building work is rooted in the following principles:

  • Collective, distributed leadership models
  • Inclusive, participatory organising methods
  • Systems thinking
  • Peer learning approaches and cohort learning
  • Innovation and design thinking
  • Power dynamics and group dynamics

What we offer

We build movements in a variety of ways.

Firstly, we kick-start our own movements and programmes through SCA Labs.

We also devise and deliver programmes for funders.

Plus, we offer a range of support to others in the form of:

Why build a movement?

The benefits of taking a movement building approach include:

  • Greater organisational impact and legitimacy
  • Increased organisational stability and sustainability
  • The ability to change public behaviour at scale
  • Increased supporter engagement and revenue generation
  • Improved staff engagement, retention and recruitment
  • Increased access to new partnerships and coalitions


Movement Building Canvas

Download the Canvas to plan the necessary building blocks for your movement.


Lost Voices

Read our report on digital campaigning and the voices of lived experience.

Lost Voices Featured

Choose Love

Read our report on the lessons we can learn from the Help Refugees movement.