From reactive to proactive: Gaining clarity in your marketing and fundraising

Little Gate

The brief

Little Gate Supported Employment is a charity providing skills training, work placements and mentoring programmes for those with learning disabilities and autism.

Like many established charities, Little Gate’s team realised that if they wanted to improve their fundraising efforts, they needed to refresh the language and messaging they were using.

They also wanted to prioritise their efforts and examine how much resource they should put towards individual giving versus things like bid writing, grant applications, hosting events, community outreach, and more.

And they wanted to guard against digital FOMO by establishing a well-reasoned, sustainable approach social media, rather than being continually distracted by digital trends and fads.

Your time and expertise have been invaluable to us… Not only did you produce an amazing new case for support for us, but you also helped to channel our ideas and helped us to focus on what our fundraising team wanted and needed to achieve. As a result, the Little Gate fundraising team now have a clear strategy to pursue in the September 2021 – August 2022 financial year. We are truly so grateful. Thank you for all of your support in getting us to a stage where we have clear, defined goals and objectives.
Mary Soul, Head of Fundraising at Little Gate Supported Employment

Our approach

To address these challenges, we began by collectively reviewing their marketing and fundraising activities to date. This helped us understand the breadth of the output and identify which areas were proving most effective.

After considering the strengths of the team and the characteristics of the target audience groups, we co-created a marketing and fundraising plan which was clear, manageable and capable of delivering funding growth.

During this process, it became clear that Little Gate’s pitch to funders needed reinvigorating. So we co-created and designed a case for support brochure which could better garner support for its work. With compelling visuals, up to date case studies and snappy, emotive copy, Little Gate has a valuable asset to draw on to tell its story and attract new donors and supporters.

The results

Since working together, Little Gate’s marketing and fundraising team have been able to work more cohesively and proactively, identifying priorities and turning down opportunities which distract them from their most effective activities.

They now have a clear plan for the year ahead, with a strong shared understanding of what success looks like and how they’ll measure it. Plus, Little Gate’s new case for support brochure is bolstering its team’s ability to attract grant funding.

Gain clarity over your marketing and fundraising with a strategy that delivers

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