Community Centred

In an age of social isolation and gentrification, how can we create neighbourhoods where people feel they belong and where people are connected to each other?

Community Centered is our answer to that question.

At its heart, Community Centred is a community development model. It connects disparate groups by listening to and working with local people. It brings people together to tackle the issues they face. It involves residents, the workforce, businesses, organisations, and institutions.

When these players connect, communities start to thrive. Don’t just take our word for it – read what we achieved when we applied this model to Clerkenwell, London.

We tailor this model to meet the need in each context, and it can work for organisations of all sizes. So, if you’re a community centre manager or are passionate about taking new approaches to community development, contact us at

Traditionally, community centres have used a model whereby they offer a programme of activities, events, support services, and volunteering opportunities to the local area. The centre decides what they want to deliver to the community, they source funding for it, and then offers opportunities to people in the local area to get involved.

Together with The Peel, a community centre and charity based in Clerkenwell, we reimagined the role of community centres in bringing people together. Instead of delivering programming to the community, we asked people what they thought Clerkenwell needed to be more unified, celebrated, and equal.

We found that many people in the community had brilliant ideas on how to improve their neighbourhood and bring people together.

Sara Bloch

Progamme Manager, Connecting Clerkenwell