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International development charity Raleigh International has an alumni network of 42,000 participants, trustees and donors scattered across 26 countries.

They needed to find ways to connect these disparate individuals and communities, allowing them to self-organise and continue to engage with and support the organisation after their initial involvement has ended.

Drawing from the youth participation and development principles of the World Bank / DFID, we undertook detailed analysis of alumni experience and compared it to best practice across relevant youth engagement projects.

I just wanted to thank you again for supporting our work with Alumni. The Board approved investment into Alumni as part of the overall strategy. Working with the Social Change Agency was certainly an important element in making this happen!
Gavin Salmon, Director of Programme Funding at Raleigh International

We held a series of focus groups and consultation workshops with the charity’s leadership and in-country teams and used these to inform the development of a comprehensive alumni engagement approach, which was tested and refined on 200 Raleigh International alumni.

Our research and findings were synthesised into a series of strategic recommendations and developed into a fully costed business case which was presented to and approved by Raleigh International’s board.

We subsequently produced key messages, content and digital communications guidance that went into a toolkit that was disseminated across RI’s global alumni network.

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